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Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you travel?

At this stage we only travel in WA, without distance restrictions. We are OK with travelling in our trucks for up to 8 hrs a day, for 2 days maximum. If further, we are familiar with sending out equipment over the road, in small or bigger containers, and flying our crew over for the bump in/out and event day(s). Of course, all comes with additional travel, accommodation and meal costs. We will always suggest for you to look after our accommodation, possibly by local sponsoring or just as guests with a local family. We are not picky!

Can we rent activities without staff?

For low level supervision activities that do not require experienced staff (see List of Abbreviations), we rent out equipment without staff, with the option to have it delivered to your event site, or picking it up from our warehouse. Setup and supervision instructions are provided upon delivery or pick-up.

Most of our logistics can be rented without staff. Manuals and instruction videos are availabale from the various item pages.

Can we reduce the cost by involving some of our own staff and/or volunteers?
Yes, staff costs can be reduced by involving your own staff and/or volunteers. Have a look at the staff guidelines on the various item pages and check the list of abbreviations. All low level supervision work that does not require specific experience can be done by local staff. Assisting with loading/unloading, as well as with bump in/out, wil also result in cost savings.
At what distance do you require a ''nearby'' water or power connection?

On our item pages and in our general instructions (list of abbreviations), we define a reasonable or nearby connection as being at less than 20m from the equipment. However, we are as flexible as can be and will work with you to find solutions in case the above requirement is not achievable.

How strict are your space requirements?

Space requirements on our item pages are important, certainly for fixed installations, but for a lot of our equipment we are happy to work out alternative plans, based upon the available space.

We don't really know what to choose and would first like to discuss our event with you.

We are happy to meet with you and your event team, to listen and discuss, without any commitments from both sides. We can meet in person or on-line.